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Sawyers Videos

Below are some video segments from a Missionary couple serving for 20 years.

(Other videos can be found here.)

Part 1: "John's Growth in Christ and Missionary Call" It's always interesting to hear how missionaries hear God calling them to the field. John and Nancy went later in life and are still at it. Perhaps God is calling you???

Part 2: "Nancy's Growth in Christ" Nancy tells of her trust in Christ as Savior, but also how she grew in her love for those who did not know Jesus, and for her love for her now-husband John.

Part 3: "Nancy's Missionary Call" Nancy confesses her reluctance to be a missionary, but then tells of the amazing work God did for John and her to bring about their work for the Lord overseas.

Part 4: "First Year Struggle" Nancy describes some of the extreme difficulties of their first year, and what turned her attitude around will work for us too.

Part 5: "Mission History" A school strike enables the Sawyers to teach children when they first start out on the field. Nancy works as the nursing coordinator but then enters an unfamiliar position. John works in cinema, and then they move into city ministries.

Part 6: "Missionary Requirements" Many missionaries are required to have a Bible college degree, but John and Nancy took another route, and explain how God can use anyone who desires to go and is called by God to be on the mission field.

Part 7: "Corruption continued" Nancy continues John's thoughts about the frustrations of rampant corruption and John warns missionaries to be prepared for their field.

Part 8: "Northern Work" John gives a general impression of the difficulty of working in some areas, and describes the work of missionaries who nurse young women with a specific injury due to the horrific culture.

Part 9: "Street Kids" Nancy describes some of their work with the street kids, many of whom have no family and no where to turn to survive. The "House of Hope" has even saved children from death and torture.

Part 10: "Helper's Daughter and Grandson" Nancy talks of lives changed and the bad situations that God has turned around.

Part 11: "Short-term Missions and Family" John and Nancy summarize the videos by encouraging people to go on short-term missions, and also rave about their wonderful family.