Stacia Millermon Videos

Below are the video segments from Stacia Millermon's talk to the youth of the church.

(Other videos can be found here.)

Part 1: "Child of God" Stacia explains how she became a child of God.

Part 2: "Missionary Calling" How Stacia desired to serve God as a missionary.

Part 3: "Wood for Stove" They trusted God for heat in the winter, but were amazed at how He answered their prayers.

Part 4: "School Hour Surprise" Stacia talks about teaching the children, and a curious impulse to move them away from the windows...

Part 5: "Gifts from Home" Once again, Stacia demonstrates the miraculous in even the smallest of prayers!

Part 6: "Bus to town... or not!" Find out why Stacia could not hail the bus.

Part 7: "More lamp trouble... or not!" Stacia learns how God takes care of His missionaries.

Part 8: "Snow Prayers, Testimony" Stacia gives ideas on how to pray, and read the Bible.

Part 9: "Scripture and Invitation" Straight talk about accepting Jesus as Savior and the consequences if one does not.

Part 10: "Prayer Meeting and Results" The results of what we do when we are following the Lord are not always what we thought we were working to do.

Part 11: "Starting a Church" A glimpse into Stacia's life-long work for and fruit from the Lord is seen as she surprises us with her work to start a church more than 50 years before this interview.

Part 12: "Little Blessings, Ending" God takes care of our details, but also has eternal peace for us at the end.

Stacia invited the youth of the church over to the nursing home in which she was staying so that she could talk to them. Upon arrival, she was glad to have her talk videotaped, and the resulting video has had an impact on her family, and now hopefully to the whole world!