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Gaultney Videos

Victor has been serving in England for 20 years now, receiving international recognition with his font work for various languages. (Click here for more information on him and his work.)

(Other videos can be found here.)

In these videos, Victor describes five surprises he and his team have faced in the last year. His recognition of how God works can help us through our surprises as well.

Surprised by God #1: The Flooded Warehouse In this first surprise, Victor starts off with seemingly bad news.

Surprised by God #2: It's Not All About Books Anymore In this second surprise, Victor grapples with the move from paper to electronic.

Surprised by God #3: Small Problem Instigated a World Revolution In this third surprise, Victor and a partner develop a solution to a problem that ends up serving as a platform for the whole world's font collaborative needs.

Surprised by God #4: It's Not All About Computers Either The fourth surprise describes how phones and mobile devices make reaching the world possible.

Surprised by God #5: The Incredible Progress in Bible Translation In this final surprise, Victor gives incredible numbers for the people who now have access to Scripture, and the huge number of translation projects in Wycliffe that are currently working.