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Dewing Videos

The Dewings have served the Lord with Midwest Indian Mission out of Crandon, WI, since 1974. (Click here for more information on them and their work.)

(Other videos can be found here.)

During a visit to Hartford, Don sat down and talked about the mission and some of the history of he and Teleka.

Part 1: Beginnings. Don gives some of the history of he and Teleka at the mission.

Part 2: Sons. The Dewing's three sons take different paths but all return to work with the mission.

Part 3: Provision. God has taken care of the Dewings for decades now, in amazing ways.

Part 4: School. The impossible task of educating school dropouts is accomplished by God through the sacrifice of people in other states even.

Part 5: Doing. Thank God for the example of the Dewings in their doing the will of God.