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Amy Videos

Amy U. has been serving in Cambodia for several years now, working with the Vietnamese population. (Click here for more information on her and her work.)

(Other videos can be found here.)

In these videos, Amy gives us some comments on her work, and her feelings about being a missionary. May her comments inspire us to do the Lord's work.

Part 1: "Missionary Work" Amy and Don Nguyen give us an introduction to the work they are doing for Christ in Cambodia.

Part 2: "Obstacles and Miracles" Amy describes some difficult circumstances, and how the Lord came through with miracles, especially from a Cambodian pastor and church.

Part 3: "Huong" Huong is Amy's Vietnamese teacher, but Huong's life of prayer and faith in Jesus Christ teaches Amy much more than just language.

Part 4: "Salvation and Missionary Call" Salvation in Christ had to come to Amy personally, after her family had raised her to know Him. Then she heard the missionary call.

Part 5: "How to go to the mission field" The opportunities in missions are many, and Amy speaks of wise counselors, contentment, how to seek the Lord, and other training that can lead to a calling in missions.

Part 6: "Fruit; Love" Other parts of the world are yearning for and accepting the truth of salvation in Jesus. Amy discusses the great harvest in Cambodia and the love of God that is so powerful.

Music for Amy's interview was written and performed by FCCH's very own Dave Hall!