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621 Abbott Avenue

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Much of the "staff" of the church are unpaid volunteers who do the work of the church in positions sometimes paid in other churches. A group rotates the responsibility of cleaning the church. Another group maintains the building and the grounds. Another group leads the music of the worship service. Deacons serve the needs of the church family. All these are also "staff," but are called to serve without pay.

Pastor Doug Livingston, Retired December, 2017

Pastor Doug is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and came to the First Congregational Church of Hartford from Bangor, Maine in January of 1983. He lives in Hartford with his wife, Judy, and has four grown children and nine grandchildren. He has been a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference since 1990 and served as the Chairman of its Credentials Committee for five years. He also served as a volunteer Chaplain for the Hartford Police Department. He has a passion for preaching and teaching the truth of God’s Word and, particularly, Bible Prophecy. Pastor Doug retired in December of 2017, and he is missed by the congregation.

Associate Pastor Dan Hummel

Dan has been an Associate Pastor since 2010. He began attending First Congregational Church of Hartford, Wisconsin, in 1993. Dan has a BFA in Musical Theater and Opera Production and often designs lights and sets for the Acacia Theatre Company, and for Concordia University where he is a professor of technical theater and design. Dan is a Licensed Minister with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. He has formulated a class based on Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer's Systematic Theology. Dan and his wife Terese own Hummel Media, which produces video, music, theater, websites, and well, media. They live in Hartford where they homeschool the last of their four children.