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Bible Reading Plans

Below is a chart of some of the favorite Bible reading plans we've found. Don't get legalistic about reading the Bible. Just know that God desires for you to get to know Him better, and has provided the Bible as the primary way to get to know Him. Some ideas for reading the Bible:

  • Read the Bible during the day before any books, magazines, newspapers, or online materials.
  • Read what you have time to read and enjoy and understand.
  • Use a plan to attempt to read through a portion or the whole Bible in an amount of time. Don't be legalistic and don't worry if you get behind.
  • Take one of the plans and ignore the dates and read at your own pace.
  • People who don't read much: take your time, or download a free audio recording of the Bible.
  • Read just the New Testament. Take one of the plans that has the New Testament separate, and read just the New Testament. A great start!
  • Use a commentary to help understand difficult passages. But ALWAYS READ THE PASSAGE YOURSELF FIRST and see what you can understand.
    Many in our church use William MacDonald's commentary and/or the Ryrie Study Bible.

Please contact us if you want more information or help in reading and studying the Bible.

Bible Reading Plans Chart
Title Description Notes
5x5x5 New Testament Read through the New Testament in a year, and dig deeper if you want. Great place to start reading the Bible! Includes 5 excellent ideas to dig deeper while reading.
Tabletalk Bible in a Year Whole Bible, but NT is separated, so could be used to just read the NT also. Great because NT is spread out over whole year, so more emphasis on those important truths.
Discipleship Journal Bible-Reading Plan Whole Bible, but NT is separated for just reading NT. Only read 25 days a month. Great because NT has less reading for more reflection. Cannot duplicate more than once, so can be purchased in 25-packs here. Purchased copies are available for free at church.
Words of Life Bible-Reading Plan Whole Bible with links to online Bible. Good variety, reads through Psalms and Proverbs with NT and OT.
Chronological A good attempt at reading through the Bible chronologically. Great for seeing how things fit together. Can be a bit fiddly finding the passages, but worth it!
Famous M'Cheyne plan Read from four sections each day. Very concise and good variety. Reads through NT and Psalms twice in the year, so a little more reading than whole Bible. M'Cheyne's wonderful introduction is found in this version.
M'Cheyne plan bookmarks To help you keep your four places in the Bible.
M'Cheyne plan in two years Read from two sections each day, two year plan. Old Testament in two years, New in one.
Straight-forward read in a year. Simple read through the Bible in a year schedule. Easy to figure out.